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  • Wallpaper Journals

    My friend, Nicole, from Freshly Blended Press, is amazing with recycling wallpaper. She uses all those old wallpaper swatchbooks for material that would otherwise be thrown away . All of the wallpaper is used exquisitely for the covers of her wallpaper journals. So, next time you come across wallpaper scraps think twice before tossing them […] More

  • Wearable Cork Cuff

    Cork is a great jewelry material. It is 100% recycled and recyclable, flexible, and water repellent. Each piece is individually cut from a single block used for storage and display. Will fit men and women. Sold by STUDIO 1 a.m. for $48 Designed & Made by Donna Piacenza More

  • Eat Out of the Can

    The Koo Tomato Paste Box is made in South Africa out of recycled tin and wire. Just think of all the things you could make if you saved all your cans and tins! Small, medium, and large sizes available from $22-$42. This lovely tin box is available at Indigo. Indigo is an online store that […] More

  • Recycled Silk Flower Pin: Perfect for the Green Bride

    Wedding season is always in season but a lot of couples get married in spring and summer. As a bride I looked high and low to find a modern hairpiece instead of a traditional veil. Foundling’s shop on Etsy features a recycled silk pin with glass beads that can double as a hair piece. Each […] More

  • STOP! DOT Your Tabletop with Coasters

    It is amazing to think of all the traffics signs that have been crashed into or worn out. At least we can have peace of mind that they can now be on our table serving as snazzy eco coasters. These coasters are made by Boris Bally, a metalsmith whose work is in the permanent collections […] More