Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint

how to make your own chalkboard paintIf you’re smarter than me (and I just bet that you are!), then you’re probably thinking that buying an entire quart of pricey chalkboard paint just to make a chalkboard globe was overkill. Instead of buying more expensive paint than you need, why don’t you just make exactly the right amount of paint yourself–cheaply?!?

My Nerdy Nook is smarter than me, too, and that’s why her tutorial for making your own chalkboard paint is such a hit. Grab some tile grout (also useful for mosaic-making) and make your own chalkboard paint in exactly the color that you want, and in much more manageable amounts than the one-quart can currently hanging out in my basement.

[The image on this page is the property of My Nerdy Nook.]

4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint”

  1. Love this post!…I recently painted my car with chalkboard paint and went cross country in it needless to say it was awesome, and so much fun drawing on the hood.

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