Five Upcycled Fabric Storage Solutions

fabric folded around cardboard record album coversΒ As for me, I fold my fabric around cardboard record album covers, which keeps the fabric uniform for storage, and allows me to keep it upright on a shelf, bracketed by bookends. Seeing all my pretty fabric, all lined up and waiting for me?

It’s sweet.

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2 thoughts on “Five Upcycled Fabric Storage Solutions”

  1. I love that work “upcycled”. I think I like the
    wine rack one best. I’ve actually seen people use wine racks for closet storage
    in small rooms too. They just roll jeans up and pop them in. I do think that
    vintage glass jar looks great too though, even if you never used the fabric
    scraps – it just looks so pretty as it is.

    1. I bet jeans WOULD work well in a wine rack, or my husband’s work slacks, which he generally just balls up and stuffs back in his closet after they’ve been washed and dried, and then he pretends not to notice how wrinkled they are when he wears them again. Can he REALLY not see those wrinkles?

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