Five Things You Can Make With An Egg Carton

carton heart

5. Heart Wall Art

Show someone your love for them and recycling by creating this great piece of heart wall art from A Little Hut. This would look just as nice if you hung it directly on your wall instead of framing it. Also, try coming up with different shapes by adding, taking away, and rearranging the egg cups.

How do you reuse your egg cartons? Have you tried any of the projects here or do you have some ideas of your own? I would love to hear all of the crafty ways that you reuse the cartons. Feel free to leave any comments, links, or ideas.

[Egg cartons image by clairegren via Flickr Creative Commons, Lantern image via Addicted 2 Decorating, Flowers image via Craftbits, Planter image via Austin Children’s Museum, Bird image by Enoch Ross via Flickr Creative Commons, Wall art image via A Little Hut]

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3 thoughts on “Five Things You Can Make With An Egg Carton”

  1. I buy eggs at my local farmer’s market, and most of the egg vendors will reuse egg cartons! If they get one from a different vendor, they just put their own sticker over it. This might not be allowed in all markets, but it’s worth checking.

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