5 Scarf Crafts to Bust Your Stash

I always seem to acquire an abundance of scarves every year. I get winter scarves as gifts and I love picking up silk and vintage scarves during my thrifting adventures. Eventually, they all start to pile up and I need to make something with them. Here are five crafty ways to repurpose those scarves that you’ve been collecting over the years.

scarf blanket

1. Scarf Quilt

This scarf quilt project from Martha Stewart would be the perfect way to keep all of the warm scarves you’ve received and repurpose them into a cozy blanket that you’d be sure to use during the winter months.
vintage silk scarf pillow

2. Silk Scarf Pillows

Once again, Martha shows us how to make pillows from silk scarves. The prints and patterns on a lot of vintage scarves would look fantastic as throw pillows.
scarf hat

3. Β Scarf Hat

Make It and Love it repurposes a warm scarf into a winter hat. The ease of this project allows you to take all of your scarves and makes hats for the whole family!

knotted silk purse

4. Knotted Silk Scarf Bags

Here, from Martha Stewart again, are three different ways you can knot a silk scarf to create different kinds of bags. I especially love the use of bracelets in the first tutorial.


5. iPod Case

Finally, there is a great project on Cut Out + Keep showing you how to make a cozy ipod case. These iPod cases would make great stocking stuffers and the possibilities of patterns and colors are endless.

Dig out those old scarves and whip up any one of these fantastic projects! Do you have any scarf projects that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them. Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments.

[Scarves image by Brixton via Flickr Creative Commons, Blanket scarf image by marchi.wierson via Flickr Creative Commons, Silk scarf image by Funky Shapes via Flickr Creative Commons, Scarf hat image by Make It and Love It, Knotted purse image by vaneea via Flickr Creative Commons, iPod image by spadger via Flickr Creative Commons]

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  1. These are great, but there are WAY more than three ways you can tie a scarf to create awesome bags and carriers. Do a search for furoshiki and prepare to be amazed at the many artful ways the Japanese make use of a simple piece of fabric!

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