Five Rugs You Can Make With Recycled Materials

wine cork rug

5. Wine Cork Mat

This project, found on Crafty Nest, makes use of wine corks to create a simple bath mat. Even though it was created for use in the bathroom, it will easily translate into a doorway or foyer rug. Since this requires a good amount of corks, you may want to ask friends to save some for you or inquire at a local wine shop to see if they can save you some after they have tastings.

Have you created any rugs using any of these materials? What other recycled materials would make great rugs? I would love to hear some of your ideas and see some of your projects. Feel free to leave any comments or links.

[Spring image by dianecordell via Flickr Creative Commons, Plastic bag rug image via Instructables, Denim scraps rug image via Instructables, Coffee bag rug image via Maiden Jane, Rope rug image via Summit Post, Wine cork mat image via Crafty Nest]

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