Five Rugs You Can Make With Recycled Materials

denim rag rug

2. Denim Scraps Rug

Waistbands, inseams, and hem cuffs are all common leftovers when you reuse jeans in other projects. Put all those pieces to use with this denim scraps rug found on Instructables. It’s great to find a project that utilizes every last scrap from an item.

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1 thought on “Five Rugs You Can Make With Recycled Materials”

  1. Thank you for including my coffee sack rug! I’m off to check out the wine cork rug because I produce a lot of corks! I love all the ideas. I have a rope rug – but I purchased it. Next time I will make it! I make T Shirt Blankets and have lots of t shirt scraps and polar fleece. I’ve knitted a rug with the t shirt scraps. Now I’m going to try to knit with polar fleece strips. I think it will be soft for a bathroom rug. I’ll let you know how it goes as I plan to make a tutorial!

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