5 Recycled T-Shirt Crafts Just for Babies

5 Recycled T-Shirt Crafts Just for Babies
Got an old tee lying around? Try one of these super cute t-shirt crafts for babies!

5 Recycled T-Shirt Crafts for BabiesOh dear, I love my recycled T-shirt crafts! And, it appears, so do many of my fellow bloggers. In our defense, T-shirts have a world of things going on for them in terms of crafting: they’re pre-washed (and wash well), they’re readily available and affordable at pretty much any thrift shop, and they add huge graphic impact, as well as personality, to one’s work.

T-shirts have another benefit when one is crafting specifically for babies: oh, my, they’re so super-soft! They’re also light, and the seams that you create aren’t itchy. In other words–perfect!

Here are some perfect t-shirt crafts Β for babies.

5 T-Shirt Crafts for Babies

1.Β T-shirt baby hat–Newborn babies would rather burn their calories by growing and learning, not by struggling to maintain their own body temperatures, so I like to keep the new mommas that I know well-stocked with baby hats. These hats from Mama to Mama, sewn using the hem of the T-shirt as the hat’s bottom hem, are brilliantly quick and easy to make, so don’t forget to make some extra to donate!

2.Β T-shirt baby bib–I like my bibs way washable and way patterned, although not too precious. Sew up a ton of bibs from thrifted tie-dyed T-shirts, and no one will ever notice the spit-up breastmilk.

3.Β T-shirt baby dress–The front of this baby gown is the perfect size to just fit the awesome graphic from your favorite old concert T-shirt, and the elastic bottom is the best thing ever for elimination communication or those frequent newborn diaper changes.

4.Β T-shirt quilt–Most T-shirt quilts are simple one-block quilts, which is fine, but this T-shirt quilt is not. Playing with shape and size will allow you to create a T-shirt quilt much more suited to the small space of an infant co-sleeper or just her special spot in the family bed. I also like that this tutorial does not call for interfacing–it’s sort of my personal mission in the world to spread the word that you don’t necessarily need to use interfacing when sewing T-shirts!

5.Β T-shirt baby pants–Long-sleeved T-shirts are a little harder to come by, but their sleeves make the softiest, comfiest baby pants around. My favorite thing about this tutorial is the bum panel–cloth diapered babies don’t always fit into those poor skinny-butt baby patterns.

What else do you repurpose for the next generation?

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  1. I’m totally with you on the t-shirt refashion, and have made my boys pillows, my daughter halter tops, and revamped plenty of XXL Mens ones for myself. I SO badly wish I had all this info when the kids were all babies though, makes me want another one! Mad!

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