Five Apple Crafts to Make with Your Surplus Apple Harvest

Nature Crafts for Christmas

clove appleBecause there are always a few apples leftover, right? In our house, there always seem to be about a dozen perfectly sound apples from the bushels that we picked earlier in the fall, just a few that didn’t fit into the big pot of apples that became applesauce, that didn’t get sliced and put in the dehydrator before the gallon jar of dried apple slices got filled completely up, that didn’t make it into pies, and, of course, didn’t get eaten out of hand before we were all royally sick of eating apples for a while.

When that happens, I tend not to just let our surplus apples hang around in the refrigerator getting mealy. After all, in a few weeks when we have a hankering for apples again, we will still have applesauce to eat, and dried apple slices, and apple butter, and frozen apple hand pies to heat up.

Instead, our surplus apples get turned into that other hallmark of harvest-time: apple crafts! From clove apples to apple votive candles, there are some really cool things that you can do with your surplus apples, and the beauty of these projects is that when you tire of them, the apples that you used can generally go right into your compost. So check out these five projects for inspiration to use with your own surplus apples:

making a clove apple tutorialWith a single apple, a LOT of cloves, and a bamboo skewer to do the poking, you can create an apple pomander just like the one that Ma Ingalls received for Christmas in Little House in the Big Woods. And just like Laura said, your clove apple will smell sweet and stay sound, beautiful as a holiday decoration or useful hung in your coat closet to keep your outdoor gear from smelling musty.

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Written by Julie Finn

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