Finding Custom Eco-friendly Labels and Hangtags

Last week I posted 5 ways to make your own fabric labels which is great if you just need a few labels.  If you are a serious crafter or small manufacturer and need a larger quantity of labels, you may need to order custom fabric labels.  A quantity of 1000 is the typical minimum order for custom labels.  The eco-friendly options are increasing rapidly and currently include materials like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, coconut, and mother of pearl.

The number of manufacturers carrying eco-friendly labels and hangtags is slowly increasing.  When I first ordered labels for Tiny Décor, one of the few places offering eco-friendly options was BCI Labels and they came highly recommended.  I chose to order embroidered hemp labels.  After patiently waiting the qouted 2-3 weeks I received an e-mail stating there had been an error with my labels.  They were unable to produce the labels in the ordered 1″ by 2″ size and instead made them 2″ by 4″.  They looked gorgeous, but they were huge.  I hated to let them go to waste, so I convinced BCI Labels to sell them to me at 50% off and then I ordered a smaller screen printed organic cotton label.  I figured I could find some way to put the hemp labels to good use.  So far they are great for use on the back of my artwork or to embellish my hangtags by punching a hole in one end.

For hangtags, I fell in love with Botanical Paperworks wildflower seed infused papers.  Their low minimums allowed me to order customized hangtags for each of my products.  They also have great promotional products like bookmarks and coasters.  All of their paper goods are plantable.  Simply plant them under a thin layer of soil, water, and enjoy the flowers.  I almost ordered business cards, but I decided I wanted people to hold onto my card rather than planting it to see how long it takes the flowers to grow.  I ordered recycled business cards instead.

Finding the right fabric labels and hangtags to promote your brand is a long journey and not one to be taken lightly.  Image and perception are everything.  Using eco-friendly materials to promote your eco business or craft is a must.  Here is a list of sources to get you started.

  1. BCI Labels – organic cotton, woven bamboo, hemp, coconut shell, beech wood, recycled paper, and mother of pearl
  2. Seattle Garment – woven bamboo, raw cotton, jute, silicone patches, recycled cardboard
  3. Dunwoody Booth offers a variety of earth-friendly packaging options including custom-printed ribbon and product labels.  The ribbon can be used for wrapping gifts, tying on hang tags, or cut and used as labels.
  4. Avery Dennison offers organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester labels
  5. Print My Thing offers EarthFirst® PLA product labels in a variety of shapes and sizes.  PLA is a sustainable corn-based fiber.
  6. Try Botanical Paperworks hangtags infused with wildflower seeds.  They also offer plantable bookmarks, coasters, stationary and more.
  7. The Greener Printer has recycled paper hang tags in custom sizes ranging from 2″ by 2″ to 7″ by 7″.  The larger sizes would be good as product inserts.

For other eco-friendly ways to promote your business, see Promote Your Business With Green Printers.

[Images courtesy of Jackie Hernandez, Tiny Decor LLC]

Written by Jackie Hernandez

I am a work-at-home mom busy chasing after my son and establishing my eco-business, Tiny Décor. I also write the Tiny Décor Blog aimed at modern parents trying to go green for their kids. Tiny Décor has allowed me to turn a passion for sewing, craft, and environmentalism into a business. Blog writing has become an outlet for me to share my experiences going green, being a parent, and loving the planet.


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  1. Thank you so much! It has been on my list to look into fabric labels so this will save me so much time 🙂 I’m off to look at all the links now!

  2. Hi, I really like your aticle, it has been very useful but I am based in the UK and wondered if in any of your research you came across any companies over here?

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the recommendations. I am in the process of branding my new handbag line and blog and have been searching the internet for some green choices (a slow process as I’m sure you know). Your article provided me with some great resources and definitely saved me some precious time. Thx again.

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