Finally an Eco-Friendly Epoxy/Resin

eco-friendly epoxy from Earth Safe FinishesAfter intense research and development, Earth Safe Finishes has just released a brand new product called EcoPOXY.

Earth Safe Finishes claims this is an eco-friendly, water based, no VOC, no BPA,Β no heavy metals, two part epoxy/resin.

I haven’t tried it yet but I think I’d like to. Earth Safe Finishes say it is waterproof, flexible but strong, crack resistant and heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used as an adhesive, a topcoat, a sealer, or a moulding medium. It easily cleans up with soap and water and you can sand it and paint it. The EcoPOXY sets in eight hours and cures in 24.

For anyone who has tried to use epoxies and resins but can’t take the toxic odors, this might be worth trying out.

EcoPOXY isn’t available until the end of the month, but Earth Safe Finishes is offering an introductory special. So check back often and save big during the introductory offer. Just use BW0810 upon check out.

10 thoughts on “Finally an Eco-Friendly Epoxy/Resin”

  1. Bizarrely I found this really useful (never thought I’d reply to a post about a resin!) – but I’ve had an idea in my head for ages that requires resin. This may well be the answer. Thanks Scott πŸ™‚

  2. I have poured up small sculptures I made molds of with the ecopoxy but have had some issues. The pour was good but I added pigment to one that was a sun catcher and it turned totally clear within a month. I also have used their clear coat resin and have not been able to get it to lay evenly. It is wavy and pitted. I did contact company and they told me “it shouldn’t do this” I sent photos at their request and they have not been able to help me with this. I was very disappointed as I love using a resin that does not kill you with the fumes etc. I have given up after ruining many pieces of work. I am hopeful this will be addressed at some point in the future but as of now not too promising for what my needs of a thick clear coat.

  3. Epoxies will not last, plain and scientifically simple. They will also after time delaminate. There is also the issue of perocity with using epoxies, in time with the loss of plastizers in epoxies fluids will again get below the existing epoxy and hasten delamination.
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  4. Are you sure you used Earth Safe Finishes Eco Epoxy on your sun catcher? I have used this product and have only had great results. I have used it with and without pigment and it has worked perfectly. Actually I have it on a painted tile in my shower for almost a year and it shows no wear at all. Earth Safe Finishes Colorant Pigment is lightfast. Did you use their pigment? What I love most about the Eco Epoxy besides it not having a horrible odor is that you can change the viscosity of it by adding water. This makes it great for any project you need to do.

  5. Does anyone know where this product is sold in Canada? I’m having a hard time finding it. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Hi all, I have been using Earth Safe Epoxy Resin for a while now and just love the stuff! Have used to make resin cuffs, rings, coat fabric art work, coat friendly plastic but I’m yet to master getting a clear mould. Very easy, effective and no smell!

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