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Organic cotton fabric Printed fabric can be fun for most any projects. But sometimes having a nice solid really helps put your design over the top. Marcus Fabrics offers a small line of organic cotton solids perfect for home decor projects. The line is 100% certified organic cotton and is dyed with eco-friendly dyes.

Oasis Canvas comes in 21 bright colors. Each color bound to be perfect for any quilting or sewing work in progress. The jewel tones seem to really pop.

Understanding that environmental stewardship is not only good for your craft projects, Marcus Fabrics is also turning their sites on they way they do business.

All the bolts, which their fabric comes on, is made from 100% post consumer cardboard. The company that makes these bolts are also very environmentally minded, boasting their run as the first fully-recycled paper mill in North America, complete with a closed loop water system. This ensures that no polluted water gets into our watersheds.

Internally and externally Marcus Fabrics recommends washing all of their fabrics in cold water. This helps reduce heating bills and energy use. They also have encouraged the use of electronic files over paper mailings and are continuing to recycle paper and reuse coffee mugs in their offices.

While some of these steps can seem small, they are steps in the right direction. Maybe once these take hold, they will look over the rest of their fabric collection and take more steps in the right direction and see how to produce all of their lines in an eco-friendly manner sourced with eco-friendly fibers.

[Image from Marcus Fabrics website]

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