Fabulous Fabrics: Indika Organics

Indika Pillows Looking for a little more texture in your textiles? Then look no further than Indika Organics. Created for those who wish to live a chemical free lifestyle, Indika Organics offers bedding, bath linens and textiles. All of their fabrics and offerings are free of chemicals, synthetic dyes and harsh cleaners.

Committed to ethically responsible practices for the health and well being of people and the planet, Indika Organics also tries to educate people to the impact that they and others have when making consumer choices. In the production of their fabrics they use plant and vegetable dyes as well as low impact dyes, talking the talk and walking the walk.

They offer several collections of organic fabrics.

The Environmental Sheeting Collection is 100% organic fabric and ranges from bold to minimal patterns. The Malabar Collection offers hemp and hemp/silk blends as well as flax/silk blends, many are rich jewel tone prints.

The Malabar Collection Puna Matlasse, is a small selection of woven cotton/hemp blends. Each a geometric pattern found in soothing earth tones. For more texture goodness, the Custom Woven Chenille Collection offers a vast array of weaves of many different blends of silk, hemp, viscose and cotton. The patterns and colors, all perfect for upholstery or a sturdy coat.

The Otago Organic-Organic Cotton Collection and Otago Hemp Collection, round out their fabrics with a little whimsy. Each light and earthy, looking like soft waves upon a sun drenched beach.

[Image from Indika’s website]

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