Enter the Green Science Fair!

Science Fair Ah, science fairs, the rite of passage for middle schoolers everywhere. A perpetual procrastinator, even to this day, my late night project for my school’s science fair consisted of testing the hypothesis of which plant fiber made the best paper. Using various plant fibers from the field by my house, I created lumpy pieces of “paper” and tacked them to poster board.

I didn’t win.

But here is a chance to try and redeem myself:

Intructables along with Discover Magazine have teamed up to bring the Green Science Fair for a Better Planet contest. By testing out a “green” hypothesis you could win some great prizes. Enter an eco-friendly project, test and compare “green” products, repurpose old parts, or just show how to live a more greener life. Prizes range from a GPS system, hand-crank radio, MP3 players, and t-shirts, stickers and books.

So get crackin’! The deadline for entries is June 6.

Oh, and maybe leave the potato clock for another time.

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