5 Easy Sewing Projects from Upcycled Materials

easy sewing projects

There’s something so satisfying about a quickie project, isn’t there? Even if you’re sewing pro, sometimes it’s nice to just whip something up that’s fast and easy. Check out these easy sewing projects that you can make using reclaimed materials!

What are upcycled materials?

There’s some confusion out there about what “upcycled” means, so if you’re not sure here’s a good rule of thumb:

If you’re using materials that would have otherwise been landfill-bound and making them useful again, that’s upcycling. If you’re using a new material in an unusual way, you’re not upcycling.

Using new materials in an unusual way can be a lot of fun, and you can create some very cute crafts that way, but new materials, by definition, are not upcycled. For upcycled fabrics, you can hit the thrift store, yard sale, or estate sales. You can also raid your own closet for clothing and linens that you don’t wear or use anymore. Upcycling is about reuse.

Ready to get your upcycling on? Let’s get sewing!

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Image Credit: Sewing Machine photo via Shutterstock

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