Easy Egg Craft: DIY Candleholder

Easy Egg Craft

Easy Egg Craft

I get pure joy out of finding use for something that’s bound for the trash. It’s an especially nice feeling when I can combine two extremely different items to create something that’s super-cute and unique. Can you say “egg candles” anyone?! Egg shells plus half-used candle nubs equals an EASY EGG CRAFT that will put you in the mood for spring!


  • Eggs
  • Pushpin
  • Old taper or votive candles

Easy Egg Craft

Prep the Eggshell
So how do we get a nice little opening at the top of our egg? Well, clean breaks certainly work better than a shell that’s been smashed against a counter or banged against a frying pan. You really just want the top part of the egg to come off and that does require a little strategy.

  1. Take a pushpin and poke tiny holes around the the top part of the egg. If it helps, you can draw a line around the egg to guide you.
  2. Once you’ve scored the a circle around the egg, use the back of a butter knife to pull it off cleanly. Just give it a few light taps.
  3. Dump the yolk into a container so you can save it for cooking and then wash out the inside of the egg with a little water and dish soap. Let it dry.
  4. You can also use a sharp pair of scissors. Here’s how.

Easy Egg Craft

Put It Together

  1. Find a candle nub that’s a little taller than your egg shell. Or you can take any candle and cut it down to the proper size.
  2. Light your candle nub and let the wax drip into the center of the egg.
  3. Use that candle wax to secure the bottom of your candle to the inside of the egg shell.
  4. Place the eggs in an egg holder and you’re ready to go!

Clever Ideas

  1. Dye your eggs before you turn them into candle holders. This is a great idea if you’re hosting an Easter dinner or baby shower.
  2. To make a cute centerpiece, put the egg candles into a ceramic egg holder – the fancy kind that Martha Stewart keeps in her fridge.
  3. Store your egg candle holders in egg cartons. It’s a space-saver and they fit perfectly.Easy Egg Craft

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