5 Simple DIY Plant Markers

rock plant marker

5. Plant Markers that Rock!

Got a lot of rocks in your garden? They make great plant markers! You can check out how to make rock plant markers along with a couple of other plant marker ideas over on our sister site, Eat Drink Better.

If you’re starting from seed and haven’t planted yet, check out Julie’s ideas for making your own recycled seed starter pots.

Rock Plant Marker photo by Mike Lieberman

7 thoughts on “5 Simple DIY Plant Markers”

  1. Cheap mini-blinds are colored with lead paint. They should go to the landfill, for safety’s sake. The dust is toxic. Cuting them releases dust. Putting them in a pot releases lead to the soil, which can be taken up by plants… You get the picture. I would urge you to take down this “tip”. Katie B., retired environmental manager

    1. Mini blinds don’t necessarily have lead paint. If you’d like to try the project but you aren’t sure about your blinds, you can purchase lead detection swabs from the hardware store. They’re fairly inexpensive, and they’re easy to use. I keep lead swabs to use at garage sales and thrift stores–if I’m suspicious of something, I just swab it and then I’ll know before I buy it.

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