6 DIY Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

DIY Natural Cold and Flu Remedies: Rosemary Wellness Simmer by 5 Orange Potatoes

Woof. Is it flu season or WHAT? My son and I were both sick over winter break, and I’m seeing a lot of people I love come down with the ick. These are some DIY natural cold and flu remedies to help you get well soon.

Tried-and-true, DIY natural cold and flu remedies to help you get well soon.

The recipes on this list are for DIY natural cold and flu remedies that I have used on myself or on my family. Not all of these home remedies are claiming to shorten the duration of your illness. Many of them are remedies for symptoms. You’ll feel better while you’re using them and for a while afterwards. They’re great if you’re trying to avoid over the counter medications.

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I turn to DIY natural cold and flu remedies because I hate the drugged feeling I get from conventional cold medication. I do take cold medicine sometimes, but I avoid it when possible. They always make me feel so weird, and the nighttime cold medicines always make me feel a little bit hungover the next day. Boo!

6 DIY Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

1. Tomato Tea – When I had the flu over winter break, this recipe was my savior. You can see the recipe video above or get the written recipe right here.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer with Only Two Ingredients
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2. Hand Sanitizer – Obviously, hand sanitizer isn’t going to help you feel better. What it will do is help keep you from getting sick, especially when everyone else in the house is sniffling and sneezing. And isn’t not getting sick in the first place the best?

3. Elderberry Syrup – The second you suspect that you’re getting sick, start taking elderberry syrup. This stuff has seriously saved me in the past. We were out when I felt my most recent sickness coming on, and I paid the price. If you don’t want to make your own, I’ve used these vegan elderberry gummies – they work so well! You can get them at Target, if you need a quick fix.

DIY Natural Cold and Flu Remedies: Rosemary Wellness Simmer by 5 Orange Potatoes
image via 5 Orange Potatoes

4. Rosemary Wellness Simmer – When you’re sick, your nose and throat get so dry! Soothe them with this steamy home remedy. You can also diffuse essential oils, if you have an oil diffuser. I like rosemary, tea tree, lavender, and thieves oils when I’m under the weather. Mix and match, and start feeling better!

Homemade tea can be very simple or more complicated, and you can customize them to suit your own tastes. These are some of our favorite hand-crafted tea ideas to stock your pantry or for your gift list!
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5. Turn to Tea – Ginger and holy basil tea was another savior when I had the flu recently. It’s spicy, soothing, steamy goodness. The ginger is also nice if you’re feeling nauseated – a real one-two punch for what ails you! You can make it from scratch or buy it online.

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies: Apple Cider Vinegar Water

6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Drink – Make this simple, DIY natural remedy for fever in seconds. Adding a splash of ACV to water also makes it a little bit more hydrating, which is great when you’re sick.

Do you have any favorite DIY natural cold and flu remedies that you turn to when you’re feeling sick? Share your faves in the comments!

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