DIY Luggage Tags Made from Old Hotel Room Keys

DIY Eco-Friendly Tags

I just got back from Vegas. All work, no play…I promise! And as I was sitting in the airport, watching the luggage carousel go around and around, I realized that there are probably about a million black bags that look just like mine.

I think airports do a good job of labeling your bags these days, but that black and white strip isn’t much help when you’re wading throughΒ  a sea of luggage that’s identical to yours.
So what’s the remedy? Well, it’s the hotel key that you just found in your pocket. (Don’t you hate it when you forget to turn those in!) That plastic room key is the perfect starting place for crafting a bunch of DIY luggage tags.

DIY Luggage Tags Made from Old Hotel Room Keys

DIY Luggage Tags


  • Plastic hotel room keys (You can also use old gift cards.)
  • Spray paint
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Old key chain

DIY Luggage Tags Made from Old Hotel Room Keys


  1. Choose a hotel key that has a nice design on it. Cut away the part with the hotel’s name.
  2. Take a second key – preferably one that has no redeeming qualities – and spray paint both sides.
  3. Once the paint is dry on both sides, use super glue to adhere the card with the nice design. Just glue it right onto the top of the painted card.
  4. You can write your name and number on the backside of the painted card. Be sure to use a black permanent marker.
  5. Use a strong hole punch to punch out a hole in one corner of the card.
  6. Attach an old key chain to your new luggage tag. You can also buy a metal ring from a craft store. That works just fine too.
  7. Attach the chain and tag to your luggage and BOOM – you’ll never have a tough time figuring which bag is yours ever again! Happy (eco-friendly) travels!

DIY Luggage Tags Made from Old Hotel Room Keys


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