Create Beautiful Holiday Gift Containers and Accessories

Save your money for gifts this year. Don’t spend a small fortune on fancy gift bags, boxes, wrapping paper, tags, and cards- make your own out of what you have.

Almost anything can be transformed in something holiday wrap worthy with a little effort- cardboard boxes, paper bags, and baskets. Even that stack of paint sample cards can be used for something crafty.

See paint samples can be turned into gift tags. I cut these out of a big paint brochure I found in my “remodeling folder”. I punched holes in the corners to attach ribbon and used a paint pen to write the names on them.


Can you believe these were all cardboard toilet paper rolls? Yup, I flattened them slightly so they became shaped like pillow boxes then I painted them with acrylic paint, folded the ends in and added stickers, wood shapes, jewels, wrapping paper scraps and whatever else I had on hand.
Most cardboard paper rolls smooshed almost flat are the perfect size for gift cards. You can slide them right in and close the ends.

These crafty little boxes were made from bath size boxes of bar soap. They are also the perfect size for gift cards or other small trinkets. Just nothing edible, it’ll absorb the scent of the soap. Ick, nobody wants a soap flavored cookie.
To make them I painted the outside of the box with acrylic paints. It takes a couple coats to cover the printing on the box then I added ribbons, bows, wood shapes, stickers and wrapping paper scraps to make these holiday worthy. Then you can just glue the ends shut or add a piece of tape to keep the end closed.
I have also seen cereal boxes used to make gift boxes and very brilliant gift bags but you can make a gift container out of any box or paper bag. Just get creative. No need to buy extras when you have a recycling bin full of stuff that can be used.

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