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Published on October 24th, 2010 | by Wenona Napolitano


Crafty in the Kitchen with SodaStream

Jet soda machineDo you love soda but want a healthier, greener alternative to high fructose corn syrup and empty bottles and cans that need to be recycled?

SodaStream is the perfect solution. With a SodaStream machine you can quickly and easily make soda right in the comfort of your home.

I received the Fountain Jet SodaStream machine for review. I have shied away from soda machines in the past because I thought they would be complicated. But boy was I wrong.

From out of the box to fresh soda took less than a half hour and that was with washing the bottle and reading the directions. It was so easy the kids could do it.

You can make the sodas exactly how you want them as you control the flavor and the fizz. When you are done rinse the bottle and make a new batch.

There are no bottles to throw away, no cans to recycle. The soda machines carbonates regualr tap water in reusable, BPA-free plastic or glass bottles. The process eliminates the need for plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

The average American household that has four soda drinkers will save about 2,000 bottles and cans from recycling centers and landfills every year by using a home soda making machine.

Here’s a description of the Jet from the SodaStream site:

The Jet soda maker comes in a range of bi-colored machines specially created to the colored pallete of any modern kitchen. Among the Jet features are: automatic access gas release mechanism, fits extra large carbonators – optional 100 liter aluminum cylinder, minimal space usage, customized carbonation level and easy to clean drip tray.

The SodaStream Sparkling Naturals line of mixes are made from all-natural ingredients. They contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. The Sparkling naturals line currently has lemon-lime, pink grapefruit, apple mango, and orange pineapple flavors.

Sodastream also offers regular and diet soda flavors like cola, cherry cola, root beer, cream soda, ice tea, lemonade and several other flavors. Even these soda syrups do not contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame making them better than the average soda you buy at the store.

SodaStream also sells water flavors and energy drink flavors.

If you haven’t tried a home soda machine yet now is the time. Christmas is coming and you can always add it to your wish list or make it a family present. Start saving money and stop the pile up of water and soda bottles by making your own soda at home.

It’s a fun and crafty experience to make your own soda at home. I plan to order several more flavors to experiment.

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About the Author

Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 4 to 18. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.

She enjoys reading, writing, crafting and gardening. She tries to do all of these as “greenly” as possible.

Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun, Today’s Creative Home Arts, and Indiana Living Green magazines as well as numerous online sites including,,, eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and

7 Responses to Crafty in the Kitchen with SodaStream

  1. MrFizz says:

    I congratulate you, Wenona Napolitano, on the fine job you did compiling your article. Great work. Worthy of note, I think, is that there are a couple dozen home sodamaker appliance manufacturers worldwide. SodaStream is the largest. A comprehensive list of manufacturers can be found at

  2. Brigid says:

    I’m dying to get one of these! I just returned from a trip to Italy, and the friend I stayed with had one. They just used theirs to make sparkling water, but I loved it. They are a lot less expensive than I expected, too.

  3. Kristina Strain says:

    I love homemade soda; I’ve been making my own for several years. My favorite is ginger ale. Nothing beats that zingy fresh ginger taste. I wrote an article about my process here:

  4. Sesche812 says:

    I love my SODAStream! I am a lifelong Coke and then Pepsi drinker. I did not really expect to enjoy the Sodastream brand Cola and Pete’s Choice. I was very pleased. I mix it by the glass and drink only one soft drink per day. I use water filtered by my refrigerator filter or bottled water to make my Cola. I reccommend the SODAStream brand. Willaim Sonoma’s Root Beer is great and their Cola tastes like RC. Sodastream’s cola is, in my opinion, as good, and fresher than the Coke or Pepsi in that can. WE LOVE THE SODAStream ROOTBEER FLOATS!

  5. Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

  6. Kitchens says:

    You did really nice job. Sounds of soda stream is really amazing and fruitful. I also bought soda stream one month ago.

  7. Wonderful post. I have soda stream machine but that is not effective as it is. Thanks for sharing wonderful information.

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