Crafters Are Naturally Green

Trash to Treasure from Leisure ArtsSomething about being a crafter just automatically makes you green to a certain extent since most of the time we use whatever we find to make our little baubles and treasures.

Remember the Trash to Treasure books that Leisure Arts started putting out back in the nineties? I loved those. I was always amazed that they could take things like crushed soda cans and old takeout containers and turn them into crafty works of art and cute little gifts.

I’ve always made use of things that were on hand but books like Trash to Treasure and Junk Beautiful never cease to amaze me. The creativity that lives inside people is incredible. How many people look at an old tire and see it as anything other than a tire? I’ve seen tires used for many things now, other than the old standby tire swing. Everything from garden planters to tables.

I use everyday trash for many of my crafts, things that we use then discard like the cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls, soap boxes, yogurt cups, and plastic bottles.

I have all kinds of creatures that have been created from plastic laundry soap and coffee creamer bottles. One day soon I’ll post a tutorial.

Other than the spray paint that gets used they are rather eco-friendly to make. The low VOC spray paint just doesn’t seem to stick as well to plastic so I have to use the paint that is made to adhere to plastic. But I think it is a compromise to use spray paint while keeping trash from the landfill or even keeping plastic from the recycling bin. It gives me something crafty to make and the critters make adorable holiday decorations.

What do you make from trash, discarded and/or found objects? I would love to be inspired by the creativity of other crafters.

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