Craft Green with Earth Safe Finishes

I found an awesome new company I can’t wait to try out, Earth Safe Finishes.

Instead of finding one eco-product here and one there, Earth Safe Finishes has paints, stains, sealers, varnishes, waxes, glazes and even fabric dyes…all in eco-friendly formulas.

Finally! I’ve been searching the web and I’ll find a company that sells one product, maybe paint. Then I’ll have to order from another company that sells eco-friendly clear coats. And if I want any fancy, smancy stuff…forget about it. But now thereΒ are Earth Safe Finishes Generation Green products.

And not only do Earth Safe Finishesoffer eco-arts and crafts supplies they offer a custom coloring system so you can create your own eco-friendly paint colors.

Earth Safe Finishes Generation Green Colorant System is an extremely high pigment, No VOC, non-toxic colorant system that can be added to acrylic paint, candle wax, glues, varnishes, sealers, clay, handmade papers and more to create your own custom colors.

Founded by Nancy Burkhart , “Earth Safe Finishes is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality VOC free products. Made in the U.S., Earth Safe Finishes adheres to high-quality standards and ethical environmental practices.”

5 thoughts on “Craft Green with Earth Safe Finishes”

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  4. Thank you Wenona,

    I can’t wait to give this new dye a try.
    Would you call it “Fiber Reactive” or “Low Impact” dye?

    Would you be interest in writing about what is the different between all the earth-friendly dye?! That could be interest.


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