Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

Do you have a crafty businessΒ or craft booth? Upcycle an old lantern into a unique jewelry display for your craft booth or handmade store!

What You Will Need:

1. An old lantern. I found mine at a thrift storeΒ for $4.

Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

2. Chicken wire. You can find this at your local hardware store.

3. Wire cutters or extremely sharp scissors

4. Mini Clothespins or other accessories to decorate your lantern

How To Do It:

1. Clean your lantern of all of that thrift store gunk!

2. Roll out your chicken wire. This is the hardest part of the projectβ€” I recommend using gloves and having assistance from someone else.

3. Measure the inside of your lantern to see how long the chicken wire needs to be. I simply wrapped the chicken wire around the outside of my lantern to get an idea of the length. Use your wire cutters to cut it.

4. Put the chicken wire inside the lantern and form it around the edges. Cut off any excess wire.

5. Wrap the two ends of the chicken wire together. You should be able to unite them pretty well, so you won’t notice the seam.

Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

6. Once that is in place, cut off any excess wire from the top. Leave a little bit left at the top to wrap around the edge, though. This will help keep the chicken wire in place.

Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

7. Once you place the lid back on top, you’re ready to accessorize your lantern. Use mini clothespins (you could even jazz up your clothespins) to display jewelry in your shop or home (like the first picture). If you want to use the lantern as a piece of decor instead, you could place a large soy candle inside, or even seasonal items! You could also use your lantern as a welcome sign at your front door:

Craft Booth Ideas: Lantern Jewelry Display

There are so many possibilities! What would you do with an upcycled lantern? Share your ideas with us!

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