cosa verde Lists Reuse Centers by State/Continent

craft reuse Are you looking for some unconventional material for your green crafting? Why not stop in at your local reuse center? These treasure troves are chock full of discarded, over run and unwanted supplies that might not seem like much to the lay person, but to a creative type it is like heaven.

cosa verde has compiled this AMAZING list of reuse centers by state and continent, so you can easily find one that’s closest to you. This list focuses on reuse centers with an arts and crafts bent that are open to the public. But there are notes in the last sections where you can find other reuse centers focused on salvage and architecture.

I remember the reuse center my family used to frequent when I was growing up. It was always like a magical fairy land where I could send hours looking at all the odds and ends thinking up ways to use it all.

While you’re there scrounging up all the great supplies, think about what you could donate. These centers will usually take art and craft supplies as well as many different items that could be used in arts and crafts. So take a look around your house and see what you can pass along and pay the crafty reuse love forward. Because if you’re not going to use those five spools of ribbon and miscellaneous telephone cords, I bet someone will!

Do you have a reuse center by you? What do you like to buy there?

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