Celebs try out Cool Green Crafts at Sundance

Mark Montano affixes an urban corsage on Anya Monzikova
Mark Montano affixes an urban corsage on actress Anya Monzikova

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off on January 15th and wrapped up yesterday. In amongst the films and snow, celebrity attendees participated in green crafting at an event called The Green Lodge with Mark Montano author of The Big Ass Book of Crafts. The craft-a-thon was sponsored by Amazing EcoGlue from Eclectic Products, Inc.

The Green Lodge focused on eco-crafting by using products that can be recycled, upcycled and restyled. Celebrities including KayCee Stroh of High School Musical cast, Aubrey O’Day from Making of the Band 3, actress Anya Monzikova from Tropic Thunder and a Deal or No Deal alumna, and Alice Greczyn from Privileged and Lincoln Heights, were were inspired to create eco-chic and sustainably stylish projects and gifts alongside the expert crafter and designer.

The featured project that the celebrities made was Montano’s urban corsage found in his book. The project uses crafting scraps like rhinestones, buttons and fabric, to create a flower cuff for your wrist. You can find the instructions on how to make a corsage using leftover materials and supplies on the sponsor’s website.

Montano highlights other crafts that reuse and repurpose materials in his book. Check out the straw lamp and other ways to use junk mail. All in all, The Green Lodge was an interesting and fun event that gave green crafting a bit of the limelight.

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