Broken Coffee Mug Planters (and How to Propagate Rosemary)

Broken Coffee Mug Planters

Store-bought plastic plant pots offend me for some reason. I don’t know if I hate them more because they’re plastic or hate them more because they’re store-bought, but either way, I’m of the school of thought that you really ought to be growing your flowers in coffee cans or homemade planters, not the store-bought stuff.

Good thing (I guess?) that my kids couldn’t hang onto the dishes this week, then, because I was needing something larger to put some propagated rosemary (you propagate rosemary about the same way that you propagate wandering Jew) in, and these broken coffee mugs were just the trick! Mind you, these large-format coffee mugs that I prefer to drink from (sigh…) can hold a larger plant than the tiny little “normal”-sized coffee mugs that my grandpa drinks from, but either are an excellent choice for a sunny kitchen windowsill, especially when you use them to grow the herbs that you tend to cook with in moderation. I’d never grow basil in a coffee mug, for instance, because I am an absolute basil piggy, but sage and thyme grow well on windowsills and are nice when used in moderation for a hint of flavor, and this is just about the only way that I can keep all the different kinds of mint separate (and labeled!) without letting them tangle together and totally overtake my entire garden.

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My kids are HARD on my coffee mugs, y’all! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mean mom and make them do the dishes (don’t feel like you have to make your kids do this, too–mine clearly do a terrible job!), or because our kitchen is floored…


2 thoughts on “Broken Coffee Mug Planters (and How to Propagate Rosemary)”

  1. I also am a fan of the oversized coffee mug and actually smashed the handle on my favorite one recently. We have a huge rosemary bush, but maybe this is my excuse to get some mint started inside using our plant out back, so I can put it into my water without having to do something extreme like go outside.

    1. You only have to worry about that until DH is a little bigger. I am ALWAYS making my kids run outside for a few springs of mint, or a handful of basil, or all the big chard leaves, or just to see if a chicken has laid an egg yet, so I can have a FRESH fresh one.

      They’re also okay at taking the kitchen scraps out to the compost, although lousy about covering them up, and Will can even take the recycling out without throwing a fit 90% of the time.

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