Make a DIY Pet Tag from an Old Bottlecap

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A one-of-a-kind, super-glam DIY pet tag is the perfect way to get your kitty or pooch into a DIY groove.

Sometimes you just gotta get the four-legged friends into the craft-action! I think a one-of-a-kind, super-glam DIY pet tag is the perfect way to get your kitty or pooch into a DIY groove.

DIY Pet Tag from an Old Bottlecap

The tutorial below is for making a cute, graphic tag. You can also add your contact info to your DIY pet tag, if you like. Just write the info on your cut out circle with a fine tipped permanent marker instead of drawing a picture of your pet in step 3.


  • 1 metal bottle cap – Don’t buy those bottle caps at the craft store! Sure, they’re cheap. But bottle cap crafts are only good if you’ve sucked down the root beer yourself!
  • Dremel or a drill with a very tiny bit.
  • Stickers, magazines – anything with cute images of animals
  • 1 jump ring
  • 1 quarter
  • Craft glue/sealer
  • Drill
  • Soy-based craft resin (optional)
  • Pet collar


  1. Choose a bottlecap that doesn’t have rough or jagged edges.
  2. With your drill or Dremel, drill a tiny hole into the side of the cap.  This is where a jump ring will go, so we can attach it to the collar.
  3. Find a cute image of a dog or cat.  Stickers, magazines, coloring books – they’re all good places to look. I drew a picture of my cat. I’m not Picasso, but it came out super cute!  Make sure the image is small enough to fit inside your bottle cap. You could alternately write your contact info down, if you want to make this a functional DIY pet tag instead of a decorative one.
  4. With a quarter, trace a circle around the image or writing that you choose.
  5. Cut out your circle and glue it to the inside of the bottle cap.  Remember, the top part of the image should line up with the hole at the top of the cap.
  6. Cover your image with craft glue and sealer.  Let it dry and then repeat this process two or three times.  This will give your image a nice, finished look.
  7. You can also add soy-based craft resin to your bottle cap.  Be sure to read the directions carefully. If you go with this process, you don’t need to cover your image with craft glue or sealer, just use the resin. Also, be sure that your image comes from a laser printer. If not, the ink could bleed under the resin. The resin should be completely dry before going onto the next stop.
  8. Add a jump ring to the hole in your bottle cap.  You might need some needle-nosed pliers.
  9. Attach the jump ring and tag to your pet’s collar.
  10. Pop this your DIY pet tag onto your stylin’ pet and enjoy!

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