Board Game Crafts: Five Projects You Can Make to Upcycle Old Games

board game crafts: upcycle old games

Board games are a fun way to spend time with your friends or family, but what can you do when they’ve outlived their usefulness?

Yesterday we showed you how to make a mini board game for the kids, but what about those board games in your cabinet that have seen better days? You know what I mean – they’re missing pieces, or maybe you spilled some coffee or wine on the board. The best way to dispose of usable board games is to donate them, so that someone else can get as much joy from it as you once did. But for games that aren’t in such great shape, though, you can use your crafty skills to give them a whole new life. Here are some fun board game crafts to get you going!

  1. At DIY Life, you can learn how to turn Monopoly pieces into cute little wine charms. This tutorial would work for other metal game pieces, too.
  2. How awesome is this crochet UNO dress on Craftster? You could do this with playing cards, if UNO’s not your thing.
  3. I love this Scrabble family tree that Brandy at Mid-Century Modern Love made for her wedding. What a cool wedding decoration for board game lovers!
  4. Over at Crafty Pod, Diane has an excellent tutorial for turning old sets of cards into an accordion notebook.
  5. Another Craftster find, this amazing seamstress turned an old Twister mat into a super sweet raincoat!

Have you guys done any fun board game crafts lately? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by rittyrats]

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