Are Your Ready for a Green Halloween?

I know we just started September but as soon as I feel Fall creeping in I think of Halloween. As I crafter I always have to think ahead anyway so I have plenty of time to make my crafty creations before the holiday comes.

I have to admit I am running a little last this year. Normally by now I am already launching into Christmas stuff but I haven’t even started my Halloween goods yet.

Last year I made a lot of recycled, upcycled and green Halloween crafts from things that normally get tossed in the recycling bin. I made pumpkins and cats from laundry soap bottles, decorative luminaries from tin cans, and all kinds of little creatures and critters from yogurt cups and even fun and frightening favor boxes out of cardboard toilet paper rolls.


A couple of my crafts were in last year’s October/November Issue of Pack-O-Fun and were mentioned in Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine. I also had many of my green crafts showcased and mentioned on some green websites, I even won contests through, Inhabitots, and Kiwi Magazine.


Since I haven’t even gotten started yet or submitted anything anywhere I guess I won’t be topping that this year.

The fun thing was that last year I didn’t buy anything to make my creations except some orange and green spray paint (I know spray paint isn’t the most eco-option but nothing else sticks to plastic except spray paint made for plastic, I’ve tried other paint will peel and flake off). Everything else I used was in my craft supply boxes and bins. Old jewels from a craft I did with my daughter, some pipe cleaners I’ve had forever, and craft foam that someone gave me.

And my kids had blast making the crafts with me. We all decorated yogurt cups, and cardboard tubes and tin cans. It was a fun and very green Halloween.

I have a few ideas for some new green Halloween crafts this year, like some witches and ghosts. I better get started though or they’ll never be done in time.

What ideas do you have for green Halloween crafts this year?

9 thoughts on “Are Your Ready for a Green Halloween?”

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  3. What is the multisegmented black cat made from? It’s an interesting shape!

    Were you able to keep most of those? I have decorations that I bought more than a decade ago, that I use and reuse every year. That’s pretty eco-friendly right there. I had some mummies and skeletons with accordion arms – they ripped a few years ago but we kept the hands and use them alone (the rest got recycled). But our main halloween decoration is jack-o-lanterns, which get composted afterwards.

  4. Wenona, great job on these. Just Twittered the post. Especially love the idea of just using what you have on hand to make Halloween inspired ornaments and decorations. You rock!

  5. Thanks, yeah I still have everything which I’ll be putting up pretty soon.

    The multi segmented cat is a coffee cream bottle.

    The bottle is also the perfect shape for a penguin that I made for Christmas last year.

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