And the Winner of the Green Kid Crafts Subscription Giveaway is…

Green Kid CraftsHosting a giveaway is so much fun! It’s like getting to give away a present to someone, but I didn’t have to make or buy the present for a change. Christmas should so absolutely work this way.

To recap, Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription of eco-friendly craft kits sent directly to your lucky kiddo. Each month’s package contains three different craft kits tailored to your kid’s age. My kiddos each put together their own Green Kid Crafts kits completely independently, and had a fabulous time doing it.

The winner of last week’s Green Kid Crafts giveaway will receive a one-month subscription to Green Kid Crafts, mailed to the U.S. kiddo of that person’s choosing. And that winner is:

Comment #2!

Comment #2 belongs to G Brandolino:

G Brandolino Green Kid Crafts winnerCongratulations, G Brandolino! Green Kid Crafts has your email address and they’ll be in contact shortly to ask you where they can mail your free subscription.

1 thought on “And the Winner of the Green Kid Crafts Subscription Giveaway is…”

  1. Β Hooray! Β I love winning! Β My niece Sophie, who’s 3 years old, will be so excited about this!!

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