American Lifestyle Magazine Holds D.I.Y. Upholstery Contest

UpholsteryIf you are crafty with upholstery (who wouldn’t love those huge tacks? That gorgeous upholstery fabric?), or were thinking about learning how to reupholster a couch or slipcover an ottoman, or perhaps if you just have some ratty old furniture that could use a good makeover, take note.

American Lifestyle magazine (“Celebrating Life in America”) has announced its first ever DIY contest. The theme for this first year is “upholstery,” and the emphasis is eco-friendly, on the refurbishing of a piece of furniture instead of discarding it.

Projects can be large or small, anything from a slipcover to a true reupholstered item.

To enter, American Lifestyle requires the submission ofΒ a very high-quality photograph of the finished upholstery project. For complete details, check out American Lifestyle’s announcement at Craftster.

The prizes are cash and inclusion in a featured design article in American Lifestyle. The cash amount probably isn’t quite enough to furnish your next upholstery project, but the inclusion of your project in an article in the magazine is a big deal, especially for anyone who is interested in handwork at the professional level.

I don’t think I’ll submit the photos that I took of the time I tried to simply glue blue glitter vinyl to the top of my end tables, but you guys? I bet that you guys have something truly awesome to show off.

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