American Craft Council Lecture: Crafting a Sustainable World with Bamboo Bicycles

The Bamboo Bike Project is a project by Scientists and Engineers at The Earth Institute, Columbia University, and aims to examine the feasibility of implementing cargo bikes made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa.

What? American Craft Council Salon Series: Craft’s Contribution to a Sustainable World – Bamboo Bicycles

Where? American Craft Council Library (6th Floor) 72 Spring Street, New York, New York

When? This upcoming Wednesday, August 12, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

How? $10; $5 for students with current ID. To rsvp, contact Kate at or call (212) 274–0630 x272.

What Else? “Join us in the Council’s library for this summer’s Salons exploring Craft’s Contribution to a Sustainable World. This Bamboo Bike Project is creating a new model for social entrepreneurship and development, using craft, DIY techniques, and natural resources.”

Specific speakers include Marty Odlin (of Bamboo Bikes) & Justin Aguinaldo (biking expert). Marty Odlin is co-founder and engineer of the Bamboo Bike Studio and assistant director of the Education Center for Sustainable Engineering at Columbia University, and he will discuss the history of this project, as well as its implications in other fields. Marty will be joined by Justin Aguinaldo, a New York bike messenger who brings his expertise of bike mechanics to the project.

The rationale behind bamboo bikes is to:

  • design and make a bamboo bicycle that is suitable for the local terrain.
  • look for cost effective and technological feasible ways to produce these bicycles in rural Africa.
  • engage locals to determine the potential for adoption of the bicycle.
  • actively develop a plan to make production and distribution of bamboo bicycles a self-sustaining micro-business.

Check out their amazing adventures on the Bamboo Bike Project blog.

The above image is the new tee-shirt logo for the Bamboo Bike Project, check them out!

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