A Review of the Book Sew with Sara

The one thing I have always wanted to learn how to do, but have never gotten around to it, is sewing. Sure I can do the basics like stitch a seam back together or sew a button back on but when it comes to using a sewing machine…I am totally intimidated. I don’t even know where to start.

I don’t want my daughter’s creativity to be thwarted like mine. Not being able to sew has limited my crafty creations. I design a lot of things, many which never come in being because I can’t sew.

The book Sew with Sara: PJs, Pillows, Bags & More–Fun Stuff to Keep, Give, SELL! is a great way to get my daughter interested in sewing.

Sew with Sara: PJs, Pillows, Bags & More–Fun Stuff to Keep, Give, SELL! is by a teenage girl, Sara Trail, who started writing this book when she was 12, that’s right 12.

At four years old she started learning to sew with her mom making quilts. At 5 her aunt started teaching her new stuff and at 8 her neighbor introduced her to rotary cutting. At 9 she started taking adult sewing classes. And from there she just became a sensational seamstress.

I guess Sara is what you could call a stitch genius because at 13 she already has her own book and sewing business.

I suppose sewing itself isn’t green but the things Sara does are very green. She buys  old clothing at thrift stores and turns it into something fun and funky. Instead of wasting her money on designer clothes and shoes she makes her own and she also helps her mom re-cover old furniture from thrift stores to make it look new again.

Sew with Sara is a great book for young girls (and older girls like me who still love checking out new fun and flirty ideas), it will inspire them to be creative, to sew and to possibly become little entrepreneurs because not only does Sara provide girls with fun projects she also helps them learn about selling the products and making money. She introduces you to the basics of sewing: terminology, tools and all, the business basics, and then the best part…the projects.

Tote bags, pillows, scrunchies, pajama bottoms, cell phone and MP3 covers, aprons, pretty tops, even custom made school folders- just one glance at this book had my daughter interested and excited to learn how to make the stuff.

The book is full of step by step how-tos and projects shown in fun fabrics that young girls will adore. I know my ten year old is super interested.

Now we just have to get some sewing lessons.

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