A Review of Eco Books by Terry Taylor

Eco BooksForget about the plain boring books on your shelves, it is time to get creative with items in your trash and recycling bins.

You can make a book from just about anything.

Not sure how to do it? Let Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor tell you how.

Eco Books shows you how to make books from egg cartons, envelopes, maps, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, old floppy disks, cassette tapes, credit cards, coffee tins, brown paper bags, beer coasters, produce trays, orange juice containers and so much more.

I am a bonafide book lover- whether the books are old and musty, well worn paperbacks, newly printed or hand crafted. Every book holds a bit of magic between the bindings.

I also love making books and one of my favorite mediums to use in bookmaking is scraps of wallpaper. The wallpaper makes such pretty covers and can be used alone or to cover cardboard or other materials. I am surprised there weren’t any creations in Eco Books that utilized wallpaper. There are plenty of other ideas though, that employ materials you probably already have on hand.

This book is going on my wishlist as another one I want to have. There are several Eco Book projects I’d love to try. I really love the book made with Michigan license plates (because I am a Michigan girl). The little wooden books are adorable and the books made from old game boards are quite crafty, too.

Over all Eco Books is a great craft book that can give you fantastic ideas for bookmaking and maybe even some for crafty Earth Day creations.

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