Garden Ideas for Spring: 5 Upcycled Spring Garden Projects

5 Upcycled and Unique Garden Ideas for Spring!

Are you loving spring as much as I am? I’m soaking in the gorgeous weather, and, despite my allergies, I’m even loving the beautiful flowers! All of this beauty inspires me to create my own slice of spring in my yard. This week I found 5 upcycled and unique projects garden ideas for spring to get us started!

1. Mailbox Planters by Nest Full of Eggs

Rachel at Nest Full of Eggs shares a picture of these adorable mailbox planters from a home tour! I love the rustic and vintage look that old mailboxes can bring to a porch or patio. Plus, this is such a cool way to show off all of your little potted plants! Start looking for mailboxes at thrift stores, garage sales, and even in the trash. You never know what you might find!

[Photo via Nest Full of Eggs, used with permission]
Upcycled and Unique Garden Ideas for Spring

2. Wine Bottle Border by ReadyMade

Annie Thomas shared an incredible garden idea for ReadyMade’s garden challenge– a wine bottle border! ReadyMade shares a more detailed tutorial on their site, but essentially you bury the bottles in the dirt to form a border around your garden. According to the tutorial, the wine-bottle border prevents your garden beds from eroding! I also love all of the different colors each bottle has and the way they’re reflective in the sunlight!

[Photo credit: Wine Bottles via Shutterstock]
Upcycled and Unique Garden Ideas for Spring

3. Garden Stakes Made Out of Plastic Bottles by Crissy’s Craft

Crissy’s Craft created these amazing garden stakes out of Powerade bottles! I feel like these plastic stakes would be better and last longer than your average wooden stakes due to all of the watering. She gives a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures!) of how to make your very own garden stakes, so head over to her site and check them out!

[Photo via Crissy’s Craft, used with permission]

Upcycled and Unique Garden Ideas for Spring

4. A Tire Planter by Grams

I’ve seen tire planters before, but I’ve never seen one like this! Grams turned an old tire into adorable planter by cutting it into a flower shape. Then, she used the rim of the tire as the base of the planter. With a little paint, Grams created the most beautiful tire planter I’ve ever laid eyes on!

[Photo credit: Tires by Shutterstock]

Upcycled and Unique Garden Ideas for Spring

5. Repurposed Grill by Cottage at the Crossroads

Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads gave her old grill new life with paint and a few plants! I especially enjoy the color Jane chose to paint her grill– it blends in with it’s environment, but makes a statement at the same time. Perhaps you have an old grill outside that you’re thinking about throwing away– don’t! Instead, transform it into an amazing piece of art for your garden!

Which unique project would you like to complete for your garden? I’m very inspired, but I must admit– I don’t necessarily have a “green thumb!” Any amazing tips for a plant killer like me? Share your tips on our facebook page or in the comment section below! I need all of the help I can get!

[Photo via Cottage at the Crossroads, used with permission]

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  1. I have a cpl of old mailboxes.. one I will use as a birdhouse, just not sure what to do with the old farm style mailbox (its an old metal one) any ideas other than planting in them?

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