5 Projects to Give Your Old Silverware New Life

DIY Silverware Crafts

5. Silverware Artwork by Spunky Junky

Spunky Junky transformed average items, like a picture frame and silverware, into amazing artwork! She even used upholstery remains from the thrift store for the background of the frames. After spray painting the frames and silverware the same color, she hot glued the silverware onto the back of the frame. Consider using low VOC spray paint instead of regular spray paint– it’s more eco-friendly!

Would you make any of these cute silverware projects for your kitchen or dining room? Which one would you make? Share your ideas on our facebook page or in the comment section below! We also have another post with five more amazing ideas for silverware, so be sure to check it out for more inspiration!

[Photo viaΒ Spunky Junky, used with permission]

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