5 Creative Ways to Upycle Old Books!

Creative Ways to Upycle Old Books

We’ve done several projects before with book pages, but what about the entire book? My degree is in English so I’m obsessed with books– especially vintage/antique books that have tons of character. They’re such a beautiful and simple way to decorate! Of course, you won’t want to sacrifice a book just for the sake of a project, so choose books that can no longer be read. With that said, here are 5 ways you can give an old book new life!

1. Book Picture Frame by The Red Chair Blog

I’m definitely thinking about whipping up one of these book picture frames for my bedroom! It’s so charming and adorable! I love the idea of putting a black and white photo inside the frame to make it look even more old. I can also see these at a wedding with a vintage theme! Check out The Red Chair Blog for more information on how to make this incredible frame!

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[Photo via The Red Chair Blog, used with permission]

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