26 Projects to Make with Plarn


Check out all of the awesome stuff that you can make with plarn, including how to make plastic yarn in the first place.

Check out all of the awesome stuff that you can make with plarn, including how to make plastic yarn in the first place.

Plarn is yarn that you make by cutting up and knotting together plastic bags. If you’re used to knitting and crocheting with natural fibers like cotton and wool, it might sound gross to put plastic on your knitting needles, but check out all of the awesome stuff that you can make with plarn!

plarn swatch1. how to make it. Start here to learn how to make plarn.

2. apronI wouldn’t use this while cooking, because of the possibility of it touching a heat source, but it would be just the thing to wear while deep cleaning the house.

3. backpackUse this plarn backpack for all your swim gear.

4. baseball capI often wear a baseball cap to keep the sun off of my face when I’m wading or creek stomping. A plarn baseball cap won’t stay wet for hours afterwards!

5. braceletPlarn makes a sturdy–and free!–cording to use for bracelets.

6. can cozyThe finished plarn cozy is nice and grippy, and won’t retain dampness.

7. coastersThis method is unusual in that the coasters are slightly melted after being crocheted.

8. dog leashHere’s a cute leash for a smaller or well-trained dog.

9. flowersUse a loom tool to make these embellishments or gift toppers.

10. gift bagEmbellish it with any of the ornaments also listed here!

11. handbagIt’s made to have a wrist loop instead of an over-the-shoulder strap.

12. laundry basketThe technique used here makes this laundry basket super sturdy.

13. market bagYou can never have too many re-usable market bags for the grocery store.

14. ornamentStuff it with the parts of the plastic bags that you can’t use to make plarn.

15. placemats and coasters. Use these when you eat out on your deck, then give them a rinse with the hose and they’re ready to use again.

16. pop tab and heartThese hearts would make great ornaments, gift toppers, or valentines!

17. purseThis would look especially cute if you have a collection of extra-nice plastic bags in a single color.

18. rugA plarn rug would work well as a bath mat or floor mat for your car.

19. sandalsI wouldn’t wear these outside, necessarily, but they would make excellent shower shoes.

20. scrubbiesI have a bunch of these–they last forever, and they’re excellent for washing dishes!

21. shopping bagThis bag has the square sides that make it look like most other re-usable shopping bags.

22. sleeping mats for the homeless. This is a really useful project that you can make tons of and donate to your local homeless shelter.

23. square banglesThese plarn bracelets are interesting and unusual.

24. sun hatThrow this sun hat in the car and pull it out whenever you find yourself at the beach!

25. water bottle holderThis is a great use for plarn, since it doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

26. wet swimsuit pouchHere’s an easy way to keep all of your swimsuit stuff together in a larger tote.

Image Credit: Creative Commons Plarn photo by EraPhernalia Vintage

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  1. I recently made some plarn. Not all of it was from plastic grocery bags. The plastic fumes made me sick. I’m concerned about concentrating 300-700 plastic bags in a ‘small’ area for sleeping mats, and possible toxicity levels.

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