20 Eco-Friendly J.R.R. Tolkien Crafts, Because You’re a Nerd

Sew a One-Seam Skirt

Sew a One-Seam Skirt

I’m a nerd, at least, and I’m planning a J.R.R. Tolkien-themed party. Parties need food, and decorations, and probably a craft or two because I’m *that* kind of nerd.

And it’s all got to be eco-friendly, because of course.

Whether you’ve named your kid Samwise and your dog Frodo (and yes, I’ve met people who have done each), or you just have a hankering for second breakfast while you marathon Lord of the Rings (I’m talking about myself, here), check out the following list of super-nerdy, eco-friendly J.R.R. Tolkien crafts. You know that your big hobbit-loving heart wants you to make at least one!

J.R.R. Tolkien Crafts1. bookmark quoteI love the handwritten look of this bookmark, which is roomy enough to put an entire favorite scene on.

2. crocheted Eye of SauronHe’s watching you.

3. crocheted SmaugThanks to the magic of e-textiles, Smaug’s eyes really light up!

4. Doors of Durin knitting chartThere are a lot of knitters who love Tolkien!

5. Gandalf the Grey staffYou can upcycle brown paper bags for the outside of this staff.

5. Gandalf’s hatWool felt would be the perfect fabric for this hat.

6. hobbit costumeHere’s how you can have little hobbits for Halloween!

7. hobbit doorThis door is upcycled from an old wall clock.

8. hobbit hole pillowThis is a free pattern download on Ravelry!

9. honey cakesBeorn is one of my family’s favorite characters in all of the books.

1o. Lord of the Rings cable hatMore needles! More yarn!

11. Lord of the Rings cross-stitch patternEmbellish a tote bag with this, or make it into a piece all on its own.

12. miniature book charmsUpcycle pages from torn old books for the inner pages of your book charms.

13. One Ring scarfSeriously. There are a LOT of knitters who love Tolkien.

14. painted plates. These Tolkien-themed plates are gorgeous, but I strongly urge you to use real ceramics paint markers instead of Sharpies. They’re pricier, but heat-setting Sharpies gives unpredictable results, and ceramics markers just work so much better.

15. rune stonesYou can make these on all kinds of materials–stones are my favorite.

16. stuffed StingHere’s a toy for the youngest Hobbit fans!

J.R.R. Tolkien Crafts: How to Paint a Quote on a Wall17. Thranduil dress. Follow along to make your own modern recreation of Thranduil’s dress.

18. Tree of Gondor fingerless glovesThe construction is easier than regular gloves or even mittens, so you can concentrate on the Tree of Gondor pattern.

19. upcycled wood swordYes, I do let my daughters play with these. Y’all coddle your kids too much.

20. wall quoteMany of Tolkien’s quotes are iconic; paint one on your wall as the start of a themed display or just a lovely decoration.

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