20 DIY Drawer Projects

20 DIY Drawer projects

20 DIY Drawer projects

Have you ever seen a janky old dresser standing at the side of the road, mysteriously missing all of its drawers?

That’s because there are so many great things that you can make with old drawers!

While I don’t advise thrifting an entire dresser just for the drawers, there are plenty of circumstances in which removing the drawers from a damaged, poor quality, or discarded dresser is an act of rescue. Divest that gross dresser of its wonderful drawers, and check out this list of crafts all made using surplus drawers–your next drawer project is here!

1. acrylic paint storageFinally, the perfect storage system for those awkward bottles of acrylic paint!

2. bathroom cabinetA drawer is the perfect depth to be transformed into a bathroom cabinet.

3. bookshelf. A bookshelf made from upcycled drawers has a great modular look.

4. book storage. A kid would especially love the open book storage made from a single dresser drawer.

5. cat perchBecause you know that your cat wants to sit up high and look down on you.

My Antique Drawer Craft Storage System6. craft storage. These stackable vintage drawers make for craft storage that’s almost as handy, and even more durable, than plastic storage bins.

7. cubbiesThese low shelves are perfect for children’s room storage.

8. dollhouse. The beautiful shape of these matching drawers is what really makes this drawer dollhouse special.

9. jewelry organizer. A drawer with several compartments, such as you’d find in a desk, is easily upcycled into a jewelry organizer.

10. memo board. Turn a shallow drawer into a chalkboard message board with plenty of room to store keys and coupons.

11. nightstandBe thoughtful before you put the casters on this way–are you going to knock the whole thing over first thing in the morning?

12. ottoman. A large antique drawer makes a comfy ottoman with hidden storage inside.

13. pet bedCats, especially, would love this simple walled pet bed.

14. photo storage. I upcycled a card catalog drawer into this organized photo storage system.

15. porch planterTo increase the planter’s lifespan, line the inside with heavy-duty plastic before adding the potting soil.

16. shadow boxUse a small drawer to show off your favorite photos and trinkets.

17. side tableThis table adds extra storage to any room.

18. under-bed storageAll a drawer really needs for this is a paint job and four casters.

19. wall-mounted binsYour drawers will hold a lot more if you mount them to the wall this way.

20. wall storage. With a little trimming of any sticky-out bits, any drawer can be transformed into wall-mounted storage.

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Written by Julie Finn

I'm a writer, crafter, Zombie Preparedness Planner, and homeschooling momma of two kids who will hopefully someday transition into using their genius for good, not the evil machinations and mess-making in which they currently indulge. I'm interested in recycling and nature crafts, food security, STEM education, and the DIY lifestyle, however it's manifested--making myself some underwear out of T-shirts? Done it. Teaching myself guitar? Doing it right now.

Visit my blog Craft Knife for a peek at our very weird handmade homeschool life, and my etsy shop Pumpkin+Bear for a truly odd number of rainbow-themed beeswax pretties.

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