Spotted: Dollhouse from Drawers, and 7 other Upcycled Dollhouses

Dollhouse from Drawers

Upcycled Dollhouse from Drawers

Is your kid begging for a space hog dollhouse? If so, then you are about to be a hero!

Check out this upcycled dollhouse from drawers, via Semiproper. The author constructed the dollhouse seen above from two nightstand drawers, and she even has a tute to walk you through making your own dollhouse from your own two matching drawers.

My favorite part is the scrapbook paper embellishments that mimic cut-out features in store-bought dollhouses; what kid wouldn’t be THRILLED to help pick out the colors and patterns for every single feature in his or her dollhouse?

If you don’t have any drawers, however, but your kid is still begging for a dollhouse, then scroll through the following list of even more dollhouses that you can make from even more upcycled materials:

1. armoire dollhouseI especially like this upcycled dollhouse because it has a glass-fronted door that can close, containing the chaos, AND it has drawers at the bottom to hold all the dolls and accessories. A dollhouse with storage?!? GENIUS!!!

2. bookshelf dollhouseThis dollhouse has a LOT of room, and when your kid grows up, he or she can use it as a regular bookshelf again.

3. cardboard box play cityWho wants just one house, when they could have a whole city? Let your kid build an entire town out of cardboard boxes, and they’ll stay busy for days.

4. jugs into fairy housesSource some old milk or juice jugs (not bleach jugs!), and make fairy tale houses for fairies to live in.

5. lunchbox dollhouseThis dollhouse is portable!

6. suitcase dollhouseIf your kid likes to travel with ALL of his or her dolls and accessories, then this suitcase dollhouse is just the thing.

7. toilet paper tube rocketIs your kid more of an action figure kid than a dollhouse kid? Well, action figures live in rockets!

Do you have a really clever upcycled dollhouse project that you know about? Link to it in the Comments below!

[dollhouse image via Semiproper]

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