18 Feed Sack Crafts

Chicken Feed Bag Bucket image via Patchwork Posse

You don’t have to toss those empty pet food bags! Check out these amazing feed sack crafts, and turn that empty sack into something super awesome.

You don't have to toss those empty pet food bags! Check out these amazing feed sack crafts, and turn that empty sack into something super awesome.

If you have an animal, unless you make your own pet food, you probably have more feed sacks than you know what to do with. Or maybe you’re just throwing away all those bags of dog food, cat food, chicken feed, or horse feed?

You don’t have to toss those bulky bags! Check out this list below, and see how easy it is to upcycle that empty sack into something super awesome:

1. flower carrier. This is simple to sew, and brilliant for carrying cut flowers without crushing them.

2. chair pad coversThese can’t be the comfiest, but they WOULD be easy to wash.

3. Christmas stockingThese feed sack stockings are ridiculously cute. Hang one up for every chicken on Christmas Eve!

4. clothespin bagYou don’t have to worry about letting this bag stay out in the rain.

5. cushion coverHere’s the perfect way to keep your outdoor cushions looking nice.

6. bucket. This feed bag bucket is lined with fabric on the inside, so would look nice in your studio while holding your thread.

7. garden apronDon’t be afraid of getting muddy when you wear this apron–you can just hose it off when you’re done!

8. grow bag. A feed sack grow bag is especially useful for potatoes, but you could grow just about anything in one.

9. hanging organizerWith different-sized pockets, this would also make a great hanging shoe organizer.

10. messenger bagMessenger bags work well for people who aren’t into purses OR tote bags.

11. pet bowl placematsSuffer no longer from spilled water and pet food on your floor!

12. purseThis purse is a cute way to use a smaller feed sack, or to be able to fussy cut to show off the cute front graphic.

13. recycling stationThis is a brilliant way to organize your recycling, especially if you have to sort it into a billion categories (as we do).

14. tableclothThis is the outdoor tablecloth that you’ve been needing!

15. tarp. This one is pretty brilliant, because I HATE buying tarps. This handmade tarp is even sturdier–and it’s free!

16. tote bagFeed sack material is just about identical to the material used to make many store-bought reusable grocery bags, so they’ll fit right into your collection.

17. woven tote bag. Use up all the scraps from the previous projects by making this woven tote bag.

18. zipper pouchThe tutorial uses re-usable shopping bags, but you can easily substitute feed sacks.

Image Credit: Flower Trug by Jackie Hernandez, Crafting a Green World. Tablecloth image via Sew Can Do.

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  1. I use ours as bags for our trash cans. When the bags are full we empty the bags in the outdoor garbage bin. We keep using the same bags until they get worn out & start to stink.

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