15 Awesome Sea Glass Crafts for Your Beach Vacation

Sea Glass Crafts image via Akuppa John Wigham

Collect some sea glass on your next beach trip and try some of these awesome sea glass crafts!

Collect some sea glass on your next beach trip and try some of these awesome sea glass crafts!

With beachy vacations on the horizon and a rock tumbler tumbling away out in the garage (did you know that you can make tumbled “sea” glass in a rock tumbler? More on that another time!), my mind has lately turned to sea glass crafts.

Sea glass is especially intriguing because it’s a product of both nature and recycling, a rare, almost impossible scenario in which nature turns litter into something beautiful. For a green crafter like me who’s interested in both nature crafts and upcycling, it’s a fascinating substance.

Are you, too, interested in the convergence of nature and litter, of natural crafting and upcycling? If so, read on for some of my favorite sea glass craft projects. You’re going to be fascinated, too!

15 Sea Glass Crafts

1. beach treasure jarAn old clear glass jar is a beautiful display for sand, shells, and sea glass.

2. embellished Mason jarMason jars are handy for holding all kinds of things decoratively, and they’re even more decorative when embellished with sea glass.

3. how to carve a heart into sea glassMaster the tutorial on drilling through sea glass, below, and then you can move on to hearts!

4. how to clean sea glassIt isn’t necessary, but it may help adhesives to stick to it.

5. how to drill through sea glassHere’s a really thorough tutorial, with lots of photos to help you out.

6. how to transfer an image to sea glassThe translucency of sea glass makes this project particularly beautiful.

7. how to wire wrap sea glassDon’t want to drill? Here’s how to wire wrap your piece.

8. mosaicsSea glass is a beautiful material to add to any mosaic. Here’s how to mosaic cinderblocks to decorate a raised garden bed.

9. sea glass in a windowA coat of resin gives the sea glass longevity in this decorative window.

10. sea glass monogramYou just need sea glass, hot glue, and a shadow box.

11. sea glass place cardsHere’s what you need for your beach-themed wedding.

12. sea glass votive candleThis tutorial requires NO tools and NO glue!

13. sea glass windchimesA piece of driftwood as the base lends authenticity to this project.

14. sea glass wreathHave a very beachy Christmas!

15. soldered sea glassBecause you need one more way to make sea glass pendants!

Photo credit: sea glass image via Akuppa John Wigham, courtesy of CC2.0

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