13 DIY 3D Projects

13 DIY 3D Projects

13 DIY 3D Projects

You don’t have to sit in a twenty-buck seat in a movie theater or barter your kid for a 3D printer to play with 3D. The following DIY 3D craft projects all let you experiment with adding dimensionality and movement to your work–no more flat surfaces!

Whether you like to draw (check out the 3D glasses), sew (3D embroidery is for you!), do woodwork (stand-up trees for the win!), or play with any of a dozen or so other crafts, look below to find a way to make your next project stick up, stand out, or otherwise play with its relative dimension in space… but not time. Sorry, but I’m only part Time Lord.

1. 3D glasses. My kid made these 3D glasses all by herself from colored cellophane and a pair of old frames. They really work! Here’s how to make 3D drawings to go with your glasses. If you don’t have any frames, you can also make 3D glasses using recycled cardboard or an upcycled CD case.

2. accordion book. Bring a book’s pages to life with these accordion-style books in a box.

3. alphabet. Make your own 3D letters using recycled cardboard.

4. embroidery. Why make your embroidery lay flat, when you can let it stand out?

5. hand drawing. Even younger kids can make this very realistic 3D drawing of a hand.

6. newspaper sculpture. Sculpture is one of the best ways to play with depth and dimension; this animal sculpture project makes great use of recycled newspapers and paper towel tubes.

7. paint. Who said that paint had to lay flat on the paper? Check out this three-ingredient, three-dimensional foam paint recipe.

8. paper dolls. Make your paper dolls stand up on their own with this simple paper clip trick.

9. paper star. Add some dimension to a plain old paper star by folding this origami 3D paper star instead.

10. photo cubes. Photos are even more fun when there are mysteries on all sides! Use a kid’s old building blocks to make these DIY photo cubes.

11. stand-up tree. You know a kid who would be THRILLED to get a forest’s worth of these sweet, soft, stand-up trees. If you prefer to work with wood rather than fabric, however, try these stand-up wooden trees instead.

12. string and nail art. This is a fun way to use up extra nails after a woodworking project.

13. weaving pattern. Perhaps you’d just like to make something *look* 3D?

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