1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: A Call for Submissions

Upcycled art piece by Flickr user M.A. Enriquez
[Upcycled art piece by M.A. Enriquez]

Garth Johnson over at Extreme Craft just signed a book deal with Quarry Publishing, and he needs your help! The book is called 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, and he is putting out a call for entries! Garth is looking for all sorts of craft project ideas that involve “repurposed, reused and recycled materials.” Check out the entry categories after the jump!

  • Paper Craft – Interesting things made from paper that otherwise would have hit the recycle bin.
  • Art – Art involving clever reuse of materials.
  • Jewelry and Accessories – Personal adornment, handbags, belts, hats, etc.
  • Clothing – Clothing mash-ups, stitch-ups, and makeovers.
  • Fiber and Fabric – Renovated soft goods made from recycled or vintage linens, quilts, fabrics, fibers, sweaters, yarns, or rugs.
  • Housewares and Furnishings – Repurposed furniture, ceramics, serving dishes, utensils and miscellaneous home goods.
  • Houses, Interiors, and Environments – Living spaces made of reused materials.
  • GeekCraft and ManCraft – Repurposed items with geek appeal or traditionally β€œmanly” items.
  • UnClassifiable – They’re encouraging the submission of work that doesn’t fit into any of the above boxes, too!

The deadline for entries is January 5th. You can check out the entry guidelines here (pdf). Are you going to submit something? I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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