1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Deadline is Coming Soon

January 6th is the submission deadline for Garth Johnson from Extreme Craft’s book 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse. Any sort of crafty upcycling project is fair game!

Creative Commons photo by Flickr user urbanwoodswalker
[Creative Commons photo by M.A. Enriquez]

High-quality photos are definitely key. Set your camera on the highest resolution and take a bunch of photos, so you can choose the very best one! If you’re new to photographing your work, late afternoon sunlight is a great trick for flawless lighting. You don’t want a lot of glare like you would get at the brightest part of the day, but you don’t want things too dark, either. You’ve got just under a week to mess around with photos, so experiment a bit!

You can submit entries over at Extreme Craft’s website, where they say they want:

…21st Century craft and design, all made with recycled, upcycled, repurposed and reused items. We are looking for the best examples of paper and book arts, jewelry, clothing, home and personal accessories, furniture, art, and miscellanea for possible publication. We invite designers, artists, visionaries and crafters of all stripes to submit their work.

So, is anyone going to submit? Have you already? This is such a great opportunity to show how much fun upcycling can be!

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