10 Places to Find Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

http://shop.ecokidsusa.com/Eco art supplies are becoming easier to find but you have to know where to look.

Most eco-friendly art materials are geared towards children but crafty artists can use them too or keep searching for the exact art supply created with an earth friendly formula. Here are 10 place where you can find eco-friendly art supplies:

  1. Eco Kids USA has a variety of eco art supplies geared for kids including paint, dough, rolling pins, ornament kits and more.
  2. One of my favorite places to shop for my kids is Stubby Pencil Studio. They are a great shopping place where you can find everything from pencils to crayons to paper and notebooks.
  3. Nature of Art is a new site for me but they look to have non-toxic, eco art supplies for kids.
  4. I’ve tried Clementine Art supplies and my kids love them. They sell eco crayons, paints, markers, glue and dough for kids.
  5. Eco Art Works has a variety of art and craft supplies for kids and adults.
  6. Jerr’s Artarama is another site I just stumbled across. They haveΒ a nice variety of eco art supplies for the serious artist including easels, lighting and air purifiers.
  7. Here’s another new site to me Utrech. They offer a variety of art paper, sketchbooks and paints that are eco-friendly.
  8. Eco House has a couple products geared towards painters who wishe to be a little more eco. They have a couple of nature based solvents and thinners for sale.
  9. Dick Blick even has a variety of Earth friendly portfolios and artist supplies. If you search the site you can find other green and greenish art supplies too.
  10. Michaels stores often have eco-friendly sketchbooks, pencils, paint brushes, and entire kits of eco-artist supplies.

Where do you find your eco-friendly art and craft supplies?

2 thoughts on “10 Places to Find Eco-Friendly Art Supplies”

  1. I try to keep my business local. I go to the nearest independent art supply store and ask the friendly staff what they sell that is considered Eco friendly. By their very nature, the chain store and online giants you mention are rarely Eco friendly or supportive of the local economies where we live. Shop local and support your communities.

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