10 Crafty Ideas for Old Books

making paper bunting from book pages

Old books can be an excellent eco-friendly source for paper crafters. Book crafting can also be a bit controversial, so take care when you’re choosing what books you want to cut up and craft with. Are you holding a vintage treasure or a book that might delight someone else from cover to cover? If the book is still usable, you’re better off leaving it at the thrift store for someone else to discover and cherish. The best books for crafting are ones that have seen better days. Maybe the pages are starting to yellow, it’s missing some pages, or the cover is in tatters.

If you’re an avid thrifter, it’s easy as pie to find well-loved books to craft with. Have you amassed a collection of books that need a crafty makeover?

Here are 10 projects to get you started!

1. You can turn an old book into a sassy paper vase.

2. Make upcycled book page bunting.

3. Creative Jewish Mom shows you how to transform book pages into an upcycled sunburst mirror.

4. Use old book pages to make single-use coasters into cute forever coasters.

5. Here at CAGW, Julie shows you how to cover book pages with beeswax for all kinds of crafty re-uses!

6. Over at Instructables, you can learn how to turn a hardcover book into a cute purse.

7. At the Shabby Creek Cottage, you can learn how to make a book page wreath, no Styrofoam wreath form required!

8. Booksprung shows you how to make a Kindle case from an old book.

9. Julie shows you how to use images cut from books to make awesome stickers!

10. Decorate your tree this year with lovely book page ornaments.

So spill it, crafty peeps! What fun craft projects have you made from old books and book pages?

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