10 Burlap Craft Projects

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Don’t you just love burlap? It’s eco-friendly, cheap (sometimes even free!), and gives any project a bit of Earthy, shabby chic appeal. There are lots of fun ways that you can incorporate burlap into your crafty endeavors! Here are some tips on finding burlap and a list of burlap craft projects to help kickstart your crafting.

One note on sewing with burlap: this fabric tends to fray, so you want to make sure you have time to sew on the same day that you cut. It’s also a good idea to use a zig zag stitch or overlock stitch to make sure you’re catching all of the threads. You want a sturdy finished product!

Finding Burlap

You can find burlap at some fabric stores, though I’d call ahead to make sure they stock it. A quick Google search turned up tons of options for buying burlap by the yard, as well. It even comes in lots of fun colors! Though I can’t vouch for the eco-friendliness of the dyes companies are using – I’d check with them before you order colored yardage. You can also find vintage feed bags online, which are made out of burlap.

Like I mentioned above, it’s sometimes possible to snag burlap free of charge! If you’ve got a good relationship with a local coffee shop, try asking if their beans come in burlap sacks. They often do, and coffee shops normally don’t have much use for the bags once the beans are gone. I’ve had local shops happily hand over bags to me for crafty purposes. You can also sometimes buy bulk rice in burlap sacks and save those for your craft projects.

OK, so you’ve gotten your hands on some lovely burlap, and you’re ready to get crafty! Here are a few projects to get you going.

Burlap Craft Projects

  1. How sweet are these burlap napkin rings from Tatertots & Jello?
  2. I’m loving these burlap pillows from My 3 Monsters.
  3. Here at CAGW, Karen showed us how to make an awesome fabric box out of burlap.
  4. Over at Me Making Do, you can learn how to make super adorable burlap bird ornaments.
  5. This burlap-wrapped vase from To Be Charmed is…charming!
  6. The Charity Wedding has a very cute take on the old burlap table runner idea.
  7. Life to the T shares a project for making no-sew burlap curtains. If you’re not into stitch witchery, you can sew these instead.
  8. You can green up this burlap chevron bag tutorial from Apostrophe Designs by painting on water-based ink instead of spray painting.
  9. Did you miss our burlap sunglasses case tutorial from yesterday?
  10. Planning a wedding? Adventures in Dressmaking has a great tutorial for making burlap boutonnieres.

Burlap is versatile stuff, so I’m sure you guys have some more ideas on how to craft with it. Let’s keep the inspiration going in the comments!

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